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Not a project, rather a... "concept".
is much more than a plan, it is a new way to
conceive, perceive, imagine and live this Italian territory.

It is a vision, a passion, a startup, a feeling... a STATE OF MIND!
Our VISION is to create, support and encourage a new LAND ECONOMY which allows young people to stay
and grow together with the territory, if they wish.
The MISSION involves the implementation of ideas and tools able to encourage tourism, food farming productions,
new technologies and promote young Entrepreneurship.
The VALUES we are based on, include the appreciation of beauty and innovation and, through
cooperation, we want to handle social and ethical responsibility, from a fully sustainable perspective.
Our starting point is the awareness of how worthy are the numerous beauties of the Italian territory called Salento. "Beauty" is just one of the keywords of the project.

We are referring to historical, artistical, cultural, culinary, natural and traditional beauties, but also to respect, kindness and solidarity.

One of Fëdor Dostoevskij's characters thought that "Beauty will save the world". We believe the same and we want to start by "saving” our Salento.

The idea and the challenge have been conceived by the 26 participants (aged 10-18) to the Summer Camp 2022 organized by WeDo Academy. We too, over 110 young people (boys and girls) aged from 14 to 18, who attend the "Galilei-Costa-Scarambone" Institute in Lecce, have joined the group putting ourselves out there. We are motivated by the strong and deep passion for Salento.

We want to be the supporters and active protagonists of an extreme and historic change. A change which will make all people (citizens, turists, guests) feel integrated, operational and supporting parts of an innovative system of economical and social growth, everythig from a fully sustainable perspective.

SALENTIA® is the new face of Salento, through which this extraordinary land reinvents itself, projects itself to the future and puts itself forward to Italy, Europe and the whole World.

A new, fresh, accurate, involving and appealing image focusing on beauty, culture and traditions, on quality tourism and on local food and farming productions. All this will be supported by very innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Metaverse, Social Networks.

We need help from experts and we want to know whatever we may learn to do for the future image of Salento.

Our goal and mission? That this extraordinary land may finally give opportunities, jobs and growth to the young people who wish to stay here or to come back home, the place they love.

Absolutely no!
We will put in our best commitment, enthusiasm and the necessary passion but we are aware that only a strong collaboration with experts in different areas (marketing, communication, organization, production, new technologies,….) we will achieve our goals in the shortest possible time and in the best possible way.

We will accept and appreciate as our Partners the the Apulian Region, the Provinces of Lecce, Brindisi and Taranto, the Municipalities, the Chambers of Commerce, together with “enlightened” Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Experts.
We are newly born... but we are already supported by:

  • SALENTO (Provinces of Lecce, Brindisi and Taranto);
  • ITALY;
  • EUROPE and the whole WORLD.
We want that Salento may know and appreciate our project and we would like to create any possible valuable partnership. Besides local organizations, we want to involve operators specialized in hospitality, catering, services and experiences, as well as all the stakeholders who want to encourage and promote our ideas and enterprises.

We want to send this message of ours to the rest of Italy: Salento is more lively and appealing than ever, constantly innovative and going to become a destination and a territory with a unique and endless appeal. For this goal the national media and specialized events, will be very good partners.

As to the rest of Europe and other continents, our ambition is to let them discover, know and appreciate Salento, like other territories are already known and appreciated abroad, such as Tuscany, the Cinque Terre, the Amalfi Coast and so on.

The logo of SALENTIA® is represented by the name with the following peculiarities::
  • Double coloured, blue and green; green is the colour of the two final letters “IA”, standing for Artificial Intelligence;
  • The first “A” shows a small “wave”, symbol of the sea and the wind;
  • The final letters “IA” have a light texture which reminds a printed circuit board, the symbol of technology.
The slogan is: "Land of ancient beauty projected into the future", which points out the double aspect of a charming ancient beautiful land (beauty is a keyword of the project) and of a hopeful immediate future. The word “future” is green like the two final letters “IA” (Artificial Intelligence).
The slogan is followed by a symbol representing the Italian flag, through which foreign people will understand that Salento is in the so called “Bel Paese” (Italy).

The design ends with something like a multi-coloured flag, which makes everything unique and easily identifiabl. Like every flag, the colours are an allegory of the soul:
  • Blue is the Sea (lu mare);
  • Green is the Nature;
  • Red is the color of our Soil;
  • Yellow is the Sun (lu sule);
  • Light blue is the Sky and the Wind (lu jentu);
  • A big outlined “S” is over the image;
  • The waving flexuosity of the colours and the “S” convey energy, movement, harmony, freshness and beauty.

Simultaneously with SALENTIA®, we will develop and support a strong and important social aspect. Through our actions and initiatives we will give economical, helpful and planning support to two of the most important and active organizations of the territory::

MABASTA is an Anti Bullying Movement animated by young students.
It is a social startup born in a school of Lecce since 2016, set up by a group of 15 girls and 14 boys aged 14. Today it is a national organization headed by the 20 years old Mirko Cazzato, one of the founders and the team leader; it is the largest and most important organization which fights from below (that is through the students) against whatever form of bullying, cyberbullying and bodyshaming.
Besides lots of prizes and awards, it is proud to be supported by various institutions such as ANG - Agenzia Nazionale Giovani, FIGC - Federazione Italiana Gioco Calcio Settore Giovanile e Scolastica, Rai per la Sostenibilità, Rai Cultura, Rai Scuola, Action Aid, Citroen, Skuola.net, Fastweb, Sella SGR, ...
SOLOxLORO is a concrete social network of 15 different associations operating in Salento taking care of children and adolescents (their health, growth, inclusion and so on).
The network has been conceived and promoted by Triacorda the Association which supports the newly born Pediatric Centre of Salento, a specialistic centre created to reduce the so called voyages of hope, during which hundreds of children and their families move away from home (even 1000 km far away) spending a lot of money and facing so many sufferings, only to have the right treatment for their loved ones.
After 10 years of arguments, Triacorda, in collaboration with the network SOLOxLORO, has achieved a very important goal.

The main intervention areas and some actions to undertake are the following:

  • The conception and realisation of innovative enterprises, able to promote and make the territory known and appreciated in a new way;
  • Promoting and giving visibility to housing buildings, restaurants, beaches, service and experiences providers, always following the original Handbook of Reception and Hospitality of Salento.
  • Conception and relisation of initiatives to promote, to let people know, admire and buy quality agri-food productions;
  • Communication and promotion of events and initiatives concerning the “food” world organised by third parties and partnerships with the most relevant Festivals and fairs (Mercatino del Gusto, AgroGePaCiok,….);
  • Conception and realisation of our personal events and initiatives, in collaboration with expert partners.
  • Conception and realisation of initiatives to promote, let people know, admire and buy quality handmade and artistic products;
  • Communication and promotion of events and artistical and cultural initiatives, organised by third parties, and partnerships with the most significant Festivals and fairs (Notte della Taranta, Locomotive Jazz, Festival of the Cinema, Cortili Aperti, Artigianato, …..);
  • Conception and realisation of our personal events and artistical and cultural initiatives, in collaboration with expert partners.
  • Conception and realisation of initiatives to promote, let people know, admire and buy the natural beauties of our territory;
  • Communication and promotion of initiatives which support eco sustainability, organised by third parties;
  • Conception and realisation of our personal events and initiatives concerning eco-sustainability, in collaboration with expert partners.
  • Survey and description (also through storytelling) of significant enterprises and startup in the technological field, in order to idealise and encourage a kind of “Salentia Tech Valley”;
  • Communication and promotion of events and initiatives concerning technology, organised by third parties.
  • Survey and description (also through storytelling) of the most significant No Profit Associations and their activities;
  • Communication and promotion of events and initiatives concerning the social sphere (young people, disabilities and so on), organised by third parties;
  • Commitment to two of the most important and active organizations: “SOLOxLORO” – a network of associations which support the newly born Pediatric Centre of Salento, and “MABASTA” – the young movement of Salento operating all over Italy to prevent and fight any form of bullying, cyberbullying and bodyshaming.
  • Survey and description (also through storytelling) of the most significant valuable enterprises, which stand out for their vision, occupation and innovation (such as Lachifarma, Deghi, N&B, Lasim, Links and so on).
  • Encourage practising sport;
  • Distribution of information, stories and significant sport successes of “Salento”, on the website and through social network;
  • Communication and promotion of events and initiatives concerning sport both of national and international interest, organised by third parties.
  • As much as possible, we will suggest and support campaigns, projects and initiatives able to improve the local deficiency as to infrastructures and transport (such as “Hyperloop”).
  • Creation and printing of gadgets and objects branded “Salentia” (calendars, clothing, stickers, magnets, flags, games, earthenware such as little statues, gecko, mugs, plates and so on);
  • Promotion and sale of the gadgets in stores, all over the territory and online.

Over 110 girls and boys are working in this wonderful change called SALENTIA led by the Team Leaders: Alessandro Greco, Diego Cellamare, Francesco Pio Manca, Luigi Carratta, Morgan Giuseppe Greco and Stefano Morello.
The supervisor and general coordinator is the teacher Daniele Manni.

This English version of the website and every other material about SALENTIA are edited by the expert Elisabetta D'Errico.